TheStorage is manufacturer of high density sliding storage system for hospitals pharmacies for accommodating a wide variety of storage. TheStorage System is manufacturer of pharmacies storage system, that requires convenient storage.

Thestorage facilitates efficient retrieval of frequently accessed items. The system is fully configurable, allowing users to make adjustments on the fly. And it provides even more convenience and flexibility when mounted on a cart, installed in our high-density lateral system.

Thestorage is Products produces individual storage and systems for pharmacist, and chemical industries. With quality products from Avex Steel Products you will have more storage space and reach higher productivity in whatever business you are interested and most importantly, at a very competitive price.


Paying attention towards quality, and the end users need has positioned our concept on the high end of the market, allowing it to win many awards from important associations for design.

Lengthy experience and modern technology combined with a spirit of innovation and creativity these are what enable us to realize our partners’ ideas with custom solutions.

Our dynamic, highly-motivated team of professionals, supported by the most modern equipment, designs and constructs high quality products to stringent delivery schedules.

To guarantee the high quality standards that have made our concept an international leader in the fabrication industry, we are continually updating our technological resources. We pay special attention to the interface between our technical staff and the production department, so as to ensure information flows which feed into our total process control procedures.